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Size (Width 1.9cm)

Infuse a feeling of freshness and vitality into your creations with our refreshing green T-Molding.

Perfect for projects that require a touch of nature and energy, this T-Molding blends seamlessly with different surfaces and themes.

Its exceptional flexibility makes it easy to install, even under demanding manufacturing conditions.

Whether highlighting specific details or adding a striking element to your designs, this T-Molding embodies liveliness and intensity.

This bold choice adds a unique visual dimension to your projects.

With its 5 or 10 meters in length, you have enough material to let your creativity run free. Whether for a bartop, a terminal or any other project.

Precision crafted from durable plastic, our T-Molding is designed to stand the test of time while looking flawless.

Measuring 5 or 10 meters in length, our T-Molding gives you the space to apply it hassle-free on different projects.

At 19mm wide (with a tolerance of ±0.5mm), it adapts perfectly to the contours of your surface, ensuring a seamless finish that impresses.

But that's not all !

Our T-Molding offers unique features that set it apart from the competition. It fits snugly and precisely over the edge of the panel, providing a premium feel. Even when working with tighter radii, our T-Molding bends to your needs, outperforming ordinary profiles.

Plus, we understand the importance of long-lasting flexibility, even in the coldest manufacturing environments.

Our T-Molding remains flexible and resilient, ensuring hassle-free installation and exceptional longevity.

Whether you're an arcade enthusiast or an entertainment industry professional, our T-Molding is your go-to choice to elevate the style and quality of your projects.

Add a touch of sophistication with our green plastic T-Molding – the ultimate accessory to turn your creations into unforgettable works of art.

Thickness: 1.9cm

Length: 5 or 10 M

Recommended Dimensions:

For BARTOP arcade cabinet: 5 meters

For any arcade terminal (MAME, JEUTEL, Personalized etc): 10 meters

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Stickers pour bartop arcade



Sticker Monomère ou polymère

Avec ou sans filtre UV5

Cast Anti-Rayure



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